Discover, Connect, Excel: SSBM’s January Calendar of Enriching Events!

NEWS > Discover, Connect, Excel: SSBM’s January Calendar of Enriching Events!

We are thrilled to kick off the new semester with a lineup of engaging events designed to enrich your academic journey and foster a sense of community. Mark your calendars for these exciting opportunities in January:

  1. BBA Orientation Day – January 12, 2024

Embark on your academic adventure with the BBA Orientation Day! Join us on January 12th from 12:00 to 13:00 for an informative session that will acquaint you with the campus, introduce you to esteemed faculty members, and provide a platform to connect with your fellow students. Discover essential academic resources, learn about student services, and familiarize yourself with campus life.

  1. Raclette chez Mia with Students or Outdoor Activities – January 13, 2024

Dive into a day of delightful activities on January 13th! Choose between indulging in Raclette with our esteemed Dean, Dr. Mia—an excellent opportunity to savor Swiss cuisine and socialize with peers—or participate in invigorating outdoor activities. Add a touch of adventure and celebration to your day as you engage in memorable experiences with your fellow students.

  1. January DBA Workshop with Professor Iva – January 16, 2024

Unlock the doors to knowledge with Professor Iva’s focused and interactive DBA workshop on January 16th from 17:00 to 18:00. Open to all DBA students, this engaging session promises valuable insights and practical knowledge in key DBA concepts. Connect with Professor Iva and deepen your expertise in business administration in this brief yet impactful workshop.

  1. International Day of Education – January 24, 2024

Embrace diversity and global perspectives on January 24th as we celebrate the International Day of Education. Engage in multicultural activities, explore global traditions, and recognize the importance of education as a unifying force. An enriching experience awaits you as we come together to celebrate the power of education to shape a better world.

  1. Professional Development Workshop – January 31, 2024

Elevate your professional skills on January 31st with a dedicated workshop. Join us for valuable insights into effective communication, leadership, and career development.