Financing Your Education in Switzerland: Scholarships and Funding Opportunities

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Financing Your Education in Switzerland: Scholarships and Funding Opportunities

In Switzerland, a limited number of students pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degrees are recipients of scholarships or grants. The majority of students finance their academic endeavors and living expenses through part-time employment. While tuition fees range from CHF 500 to CHF 2,000 per semester, the high cost of living adds to the financial challenge. However, for PhD students, the availability of grants is notably higher.

If you’re considering studying in Switzerland, it’s essential to explore the various funding avenues available. Here are some key considerations:

  1. Government Study Grants:
    • Investigate whether your government offers study grants and scholarships to support your education in Switzerland.
  2. Exchange Student Opportunities:
    • Check if your home university provides scholarships for students planning to study in Switzerland for 1-2 semesters.
  3. Part-time Employment:
    • Determine if you are eligible for a student job alongside your study program to help cover living expenses.
  4. University and Company Funding Opportunities:
    • Explore the funding opportunities provided by Swiss universities and companies. Many institutions offer grants and scholarships at various levels, such as faculty, department, institute, or student body.

Short-term Mobility: Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP) Scholarship

SEMP, the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+ in higher education, offers mobility grants ranging from CHF 380 to CHF 440 per month for incoming students. Your online application for a SEMP stay at a Swiss university automatically serves as an application for the grant.

Young Swiss Abroad Scholarships:

Young Swiss abroad can apply for scholarships from their home canton or training. Each canton has its own regulations, with varying prerequisites, grant amounts, and application formalities.

Federal Scholarships:

For PhD students, artists, and young researchers, various departments, institutes, and federal programs offer scholarships. While these may not cover all expenses, they contribute significantly to funding academic pursuits.

Master and MBA Student Scholarships:

Private School Scholarships:

Additionally, some private schools, such as the Swiss School of Business and Management Geneva, also offer scholarships. Explore the specific scholarship or grant programs offered by your chosen institution, ensuring to check for eligibility criteria, deadlines, and required documentation.