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IBIS 2023 - International Conference on Business and Integral Security

The aim of International Conference on Business and Integral Security –  IBIS conference is to form an inclusive meeting place for people in the management and integral security fields to discuss fundamental and innovative issues related to different business aspects in general.
The IBIS conference annually brings together researchers and practitioners from all over the world and from diverse cultures or backgrounds.
Our end goal is provide a meaningful contribution to the academic and scientific community by sharing knowledge and insights through an innovative and interactive online community-building approach.

2023 Conference Theme: AI for Sustainable Society - Risks, Opportunities and Challenges

Artificial Intelligence encompass an enormous number of issues. 

The IBIS 2023 theme is all about the “AI for Sustainable Society – Risks, Opportunities and Challenges” and how new, emerging but also traditional approaches to tackling business realities can help to build a better and more sustainable society.

A sustainable society is one in which “the global environment and natural environment are properly preserved, and development is being carried out to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising those of future generations.” 

The overall objective of the conference is to better understand how AI can bring some opportunities but also risks and challenges. 

The conference will provide its attendees with engaging learning opportunities, lively networking sessions, and a platform to meet and connect with potential research partners and collaborators.

IBIS 2023

When: November 24th 2023
Time: 9am-5pm
Location: ONLINE

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IBIS 2023 Conference

IBIS 2023 will take place on November 24th, 2023 from 09am-5pm CET. The conference will be held ONLINE.

IBIS 2023 will bring together researchers from different fields including Information Systems (IS), AI/ML, interdisciplinary fields, Integral Security, Information Security (IS), etc.

IBIS aims at tackling some of the actual challenges related to sustainability that our society is facing in a meaningful way to enable a sharing of our best research, ideas and provide new and important insights that can help to build a better society.


Conference Agenda

IBIS 2023 Agenda


We are excited to announce that IBIS conference is approaching. Be a part of this amazing conference!


Conference details


  • Paper submission deadline: October 30th 2023
  • Notification of conditional acceptance:  November 1th 2023
  • Revision submission deadline: November 10th 2023
  • Final acceptance: November 12th 2023
  • Conference dates: November 24th 2023


  • Access to synchronous (online) paper sessions, panels and keynotes 
  • Online access to peer-reviewed paper proceedings, author-videos, discussion threads and more.
  • Countless opportunities of advancing global research streams and re-connecting with colleagues during the pandemic and in spite global travel restrictions.
  • Full access to digital platforms in VCS including Zoom sessions, Zoom webinar, intense debate and more.

Registration link.

Submissions for Authors


  • Papers should be submitted as a “.pdf” file.
  • All papers must be submitted through the GBIS journal through the following link.
  • All paper submissions need to strictly follow the submissions  template
  • Any submission that violates the above guidelines will be eliminated from the review process.
  • Maximum Length of Papers: The maximum number of pages for IBIS conference papers is 12 pages including references

Each author needs to register to the conference and present the research paper.


English is the language of the conference and of all submissions. We recommend engaging a proofreader should authors be concerned about the quality of the paper’s English language.


Submissions to IBIS must be original; Submissions must not be concurrently under consideration for publication or presentation elsewhere. If your paper has previously been published as a working paper or a pre-print, you will be asked to describe this as part of the submission process.

Anonymize Completed Research Papers 

Authors name(s) should not appear in the body of the paper (including the abstract). Please note that if your paper reveals author names anywhere, they will be desk rejected outright without any further review.

Eliminate references to your institutions, your sponsors, your unpublished work and your published work if these references will identify any author.

“Acknowledgements” section should be left blank until the final version is prepared for the proceedings.

Copyright Note

For all papers accepted at IBIS, authors retain copyrights. However, by submitting a paper, authors agree that IBIS and GBIS journal can publish and reproduce any accepted papers in the IBIS Proceedings in the format of  IBIS choosing (CDs, e-Library, and printed proceedings) under an established ISBN number for GBIS.

Research papers accepted and presented in interactive conference track sessions (or posters), will be published in the IBIS conference proceedings.


General Conference Theme

  • Ethical AI and sustainable development goals
  • Societal impact of IS and emerging technologies (AI, IoT)
  • Strategies (e.g. best practices, policies, and governance) for addressing the unintended
    consequences of IS and emerging technologies

Information Systems

  • IS for social inclusion and circular economies
  • IS for social innovation and entrepreneurship
  • IS for digital transformation (incl operations and supply chain management)
  • Datafication and digitalisation for digital development
  • Green IS and sustainability
  • Industry 4.0 technologies
  • Analytics and ICT4D (Social media analytics/business analytics/big data analytics)
  • ICTs for enabling smart cities, urbanisation and living
  • Ethics and CSR issues related to IS
  • Knowledge management
  • Cyber security
  • Applications of IS and analytics to address grand societal challenges
  • Human computer interaction (HCI)


  • Digital platforms for economic development
  • Mobile payments and digital ecosystems
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Blockchain

Economics, Sociology, and Psychology

  • Socio-economic inclusion in the digitized society
  • Economic and social effects of IS
  • Socio-economic transformation in a digitized society
  • Healthcare and global pandemics

Computer Science

  • Emerging technologies
  • Mobile applications
  • Cyber security

Teaching and Learning

  • Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Learning analytics

Conference Proceedings

Conference proceedings

  • Conference proceedings will be published at GBIS – Global Journal of Business and Integral Security as “conference paper”

Journal Publications

Extended versions of the best papers will be selected to be published as journal papers in the  GBIS – Global Journal of Business and Integral Security


You can reach out to us for any question you may have at



dr. Anna Provodnikova

Her research focuses on strategic management, mostly on finding innovative solutions to the problems that plague today’s organizations. 

SSBM Geneva

dr. Minja Bolesnikov

Minja is an author of several science/academic papers. His professional specialties cover development of new business models, restructuring to profitability, corporatization, development of sales platforms, client service development, lobbying and advocacy.

SSBM Geneva

dr. Mario Silic

Has over 20 years of professional experience in various senior management positions. Expert in various areas such as Cybersecurity, Machine Learning/AI applied to the business context, Data Analytics and Decision Making, Programming, Project Management, Innovation Management, Web server, etc. His google scholar profile can be found here.

SSBM Geneva

Conference Venue

Geneva is a global city, a financial center, and a worldwide center for diplomacy due to the presence of numerous international organizations, including the headquarters of many companies and international agencies. The city has an important and long-established finance sector, which specializes in private banking, managing assets of about USD 1 trillion, and the financing of international trade.





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IBIS conference is a platform for exploring, developing and evaluating ideas drawn from a wide range of cultural, economic, social and organizational perspectives. We encourage all participants to take an active role in the research process, both as contributors and consumers.

Conference Objectives

  • To provide an inclusive platform fostering an active community of researchers collaborating on issues of social significance and societal concern
  • To provide an open and accessible platform for sharing knowledge and creative contributions to the research agenda across various subject matter and discipline areas.

Conference Themes

IBIS adopts a broad thematic orientation. We encourage papers adopting empirical, experimental and theoretical perspectives from researchers and practitioners. We are particularly interested in (but not exclusively committed to) all areas that deal with business and managerial challenges in the organizational context.


IBIS objective is to offer both synchronous and asynchronous sessions, using a platform that facilitates multiple opportunities for engagement and networking.