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Wondering about the difference between an online and campus-based MBA program?

When comparing online versus campus-based education there are numerous points that the student should consider. Technology has drastically changed the educational sector and more students decide to enroll in online programs, whereas some students still prefer studying on campus and getting to know their colleagues. The students should focus on the points that are important to them and which method of learning is their preference, as both the online and the campus-based program have their pros and cons.

Online Programs:

  • studying online provides increased flexibility to students
  • enables students to work and study at the same time
  • you can study at anytime from anywhere regardless of your location
  • online studying is self-paced and allows students to organize their studying according to their own schedule
  • studying online will improve your self-motivation and time management skills
  • guidance from your mentor throughout the research/dissertation process
  • social interaction via online discussion boards and live classes/seminars
  • potentially lower costs involved
  • access to SSBM Connect, Learning Management System and Student Information System
  • self-guided online modules
  • no indication of “online” in the final diploma

Campus-based Programs:

  • structured schedule of classes
  • face-to-face interaction and communication with other students and faculty
  • additional networking opportunities with students
  • possibility of raising queries within the moment
  • access to SSBM Connect, Learning Management System and Student Information System
  • availability of additional facilities
  • develop a vast network
  • usage of network facilities
  • program suitable for working professionals