SSBM Geneva successful visit to Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad!

NEWS > SSBM Geneva successful visit to Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad!

SSBM Geneva successful visit to Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad!

We are thrilled to share a momentous accomplishment that underscores our commitment to excellence in global education! We are following our distinguished Professor and Vice President of International Affairs, Minja Bolesnikov, Ph.D. journey in India rigorously!

📚💡 Dr. Minja Bolesnikov held a lecture on “Emerging Technology Impact on Sustainable Businesses: Scaling, Strategizing, and Revising.” at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad.

This a testament to the high standards we uphold at SSBM Geneva. Engaging with the Department of Entrepreneurship and Management, IIT Hyderabad and meeting with Professor Tarun Kanti Panda, Dean of International Relations at IIT Hyderabad, has paved the way for an exciting new chapter of collaboration.

🤝🌱 Through rich discussions and shared visions, we have identified synergies that transcend borders and disciplines. Our fruitful exchange of ideas is set to create new avenues of value for students, faculty and the world of academia.

Dr. Bolesnikov was profoundly inspired by IIT Hyderabad’s commitment to “Invent and innovate technology for humanity.” Witnessing the university’s profound impact on reshaping global technological landscapes has further fueled our own dedication to pushing boundaries and driving positive change.

🏛️🤝 A warm welcome by Professor Nakul Parameswar, Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Management at IITH, encapsulated the spirit of collaboration and shared purpose that defines our academic community.

The enriching interactions with students, their incisive insights into business, sustainability and the intricate intersections of technology, have invigorated our resolve.

🌐🌟 Representing SSBM Geneva on the global stage is more than a responsibility. We are committed to establishing partnerships with world-leading institutions, like IIT Hyderabad, to nurture a future of boundless possibilities in education and research.

👣 The impact of Dr. Bolesnikov’s lecture has left an undeniable footprint, solidifying SSBM Geneva’s presence as an institution of knowledge and innovation.

Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey of knowledge sharing, innovation, and transformative impact.