SSBM Students Engage in Productive Focus Group with the Dean!

NEWS > SSBM Students Engage in Productive Focus Group with the Dean!

In a dynamic exchange of ideas, students at the Swiss School of Business and Management (SSBM) actively participated in the “Focus Groups with the Dean” event today, fostering a platform for open communication and constructive feedback.

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SSBM Students Drive Constructive Dialogues at “Focus Groups with the Dean” Event

The interactive session, led by the Dean, provided a unique opportunity for SSBM students to share their experiences, voice opinions, and engage in meaningful discussions about various aspects of the school’s performance and offerings.

Direct Contributions to Continuous Improvement

The “Focus Groups with the Dean” initiative emphasizes the importance of student involvement in shaping the future of the academic environment at SSBM. The direct contributions made by students during these sessions play a pivotal role in the continuous improvement of future policies, curricula, and student services.

The success of today’s event underscores SSBM’s commitment to transparency, collaboration, and a student-centered approach to education. With the active involvement of students, the institution remains dedicated to providing a top-tier educational experience.